The most popular nature tourism in Canada

The most popular nature

Hello friends, meet again with the admin on this site will provide a discussion about exciting entertainment venues in Canada, such as nature tourism. Of course many people are interested in a vacation in Canada, because once a very charming natural attraction.

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The most popular nature tourism in Canada

Are you among the curious readers about some interesting tourist attractions located in Canada, the following directly follow the discussion from me below friend.

The most popular nature

1. Gros Morne National Park

There is a National Park called Gros Morne in Newfoundland which is important to the world, geologically, because there are ancient rocks that make visitors understand how the oceans and continents are created. This park is a paradise for nature lovers around the world, which also features low-lying data along the bay of St. Lawrence and the Long Range mountains.

At Gros Morne National Park it is popular with wildlife too, where you will see everything from various types of birds chirping, giant whales, black bears, deers and others. Some tourists come to Gros Morne in the short summer too.

2. Rocky Mountains

Basically the Rocky Mountains or Rockies is a chain of mountains extending west of North America, and can reach more than 3,000 miles in length. Here you can also do some activities in nature such as fishing, skiing, down the hill or just a picnic.

3. Peyto Lake and Louise

The two Peyto Lake and Louise lakes are located in Alberta and have very clear water. And there are those who argue that the color of the water is turquoise.

The beauty of the two lakes will be unfortunate to pass up just like that, when you visit Canada. In addition, you can enjoy a beautiful natural scenery and also be able to run such activities as hiking or snowboarding.

Maybe that’s just the three places that are very interesting natural attractions to visit, if you are in Canada of course. Previously I thank you, because you have visited this website and also see information that is no less interesting from this website.