Popular Canada Country Cultural Festival

Canada Festival

In this article, we will discuss some of the popular Canada cultural festival. Festival generally means a big party or festive event that is held in commemoration of something. Festivals can also be interpreted as happy days or weeks in commemoration of important or historic events, or people’s parties which are fun events, usually to welcome something that comes. Canada itself is a country rich in culture and tradition. This is proven by the existence of several existing cultural festivals.




List of Canadian National Festivals

In the following, we will discuss a list of popular Canadian state festivals along with explanations.

1. Festival Canada Day or Dominion Day

Sources say Canada Day is also known as Dominion Day or by the French phrase Le Jour de la Confederation. As the name suggests, these activities include parades, festivals, fireworks displays, and concerts. Not to forget, that Maple Leaf flag was flying high in the skies of the Country of Ice Fragment. Canada Day also continues with 4th of July celebrations that focus on national food festivals.

2. Quebec City Summer, Canada Festival

Canada does have a nickname as a country of ice shards and a cold climate. But do not rule out when there is summer there will also be a festival. This music festival type of festival lasts for 11 days which usually starts on the first Thursday of July. Originally back in the 1960s this Quebec Festival was small-scale, but now it’s become world-class! Various styles of music are presented, from rock, hip-hop, electronic, to jazz.

3. The Calgary Stampade Festival

The Calgary Stampede is the largest event and festival held since 1886 when the Calgary and District Agricultural Society held its first fair. Held every July of the year, the Calgary Stampede is a festival that includes a 10-day rodeo, parades, midways, concerts, stage shows, and more.

4. Montreal International Jazz Festival

In 2004 the Montreal Jazz Fest held the Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest jazz festival. Every year this FJM successfully presents around 3,000 artists from 30 countries, more than 650 concerts. Available including 450 free outdoor shows to welcome more than 2 million visitors. Among these visitors there are an estimated 300 accredited journalists and 2.5% are tourists.

5. Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto is one of the major cities in Canada which is the capital of the province of Ontario. Usually many tourists decide to vacation there. Besides having the University of Toronto, this city is the center of international festivals in Canada, namely film festivals, so for those of you who like various types of films, you can come to this best film festival. There are several big films that will be announced (screened) during this festival and usually this festival is held every September every year.